What is "Ramen"??
Ramen is a bowl of noodles in soup made from pork bones. It is a popular dish in Japan, and it is cheaper than sushi! There are many different recipes for making the soup and each restaurant has their unique taste.

Today there are more than 200,000 Ramen restaurants in Japan, and they are often featured in TV programs and magazines. There is even a Raman Museum where you can try different variations of this wonderful food.

Authentic Japanese national food
Since opening in 2005, Makoto Restaurant has been serving delicious homemade noodles in the heart of Berlin.
In Japan, Ramen has been popular national food since long time ago, however in foreign countries most people don't know about it. They are often thinking that Japanese food means Sushi. Though these are called Asian noodles, Ramen is different from the Chinese or Korean ones, therefore I wanted to popularize Ramen in Berlin so I opened Makoto Restaurant which featured Ramen as its main menu.

In the beginning everything was not easy, for example it was hard to find the proper material for Ramen. Also we had to order our cooking tools from Japan.
But now every year we are adding new menues, our restaurant is daily filled with many guests not only Japanese and German people but also people from various countries.
We are waiting for your visit!

Restaurant Makoto owner : Makoto Ariga